Industrialization: a system running smoothly.

We are a company specialized in the mid-to-high numbered productions: that’s why we are running our production in two shifts.

Our system allows us to achieve seamless accuracy all through the processing, finishing and final control operations.

Customised projects

Starting from you. We listen to your needs: expertise and tailored advising are the key to an effective operative plan, making your customized projects come true.

Quality first

Laser-driven dimensional controls, strict in-process control procedures and a careful selection of the materials: we deliver only products of guaranteed quality. 

Logistics made quick and flexible

Thanks to the wide range of materials always available on stock we are always ready for any need of yours. We deliver all across Italy and the whole World in record time, sure to meet any specific request. Our packaging is accurate, safe and suitable for any kind of transport.

An exhaustive approach.

BCF Steel Project focuses on actualizing any project starting from the design step and up to complex prototyping and specialized metal processing.

Everything starts from the synergic activity of technical department and production, aimed to find the most effective solution to realize the components.
The second step is the fast prototyping, proofing the effectiveness of our proposals.
The third step involves a wide range of sheet metal processing techniques, bringing to reality any specific requirement of the custome: laser cutting, punching, brake bending, welding and other finishing operations.