Services offered to the customers

Quality of the products means for us also quality and range of the offered services.

This is the reason why we offer to our customers internal 3D planning that reduces the tolerances and the possibility of mistakes, functional leaking tests upon request, 3D measuring and profile, and an accurate control of the order and the process. Discover in detail our services.

Internal 3D planning
Functional leaking tests upon request
Accurate control of the order

Thanks to the skills of our experienced and qualified team of 3D CAD designers, we are able to develop and share with our customers specific solutions tailored upon their applications, even in case of low-running or special productions. Our production drawings are usually realized upon specifications of our customers or measuring samples we receive from them, enhancing their ideas with smart, functional and cost-effective technical proposals.

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Control, quality, precision

Functional testing

In order to meet the most demanding quality targets, upon request we perform on our products burst tests, flow tests or specific leak-tests with our vacuum-chamber helium leak detection systems.

3D CMM and profile projection measurements

We work hard to make sure all dimensions provided by the project are met. Upon request, our 3D coordinate-measuring machine enables us to evaluate the geometry of our bent tubes and our profile projector to gauge the tube end formings.

Monitoring and traceability

The electronic monitoring of the whole process, from order to delivery, guarantees quick deliveries and immediate traceability of order, employed materials and related specifications.

Cutting-edge technology

Laser Tube
Vacuum-chamber Helium leak detection systems
Capillary tubes testing stations (flow/clogs)
Capillary tubes testing stations (flow/clogs)
CNC machining centers and header drilling systems
U-bending and Ring-installing machines
Serpentine and spiral bending machines
CNC tube bending machines (with and without mandrel)
Forming machines (tube end forming, spin-closures)
Drilling stations (rotation forming, T-drill, Flow-drill)
Tube cutting machines
U-bending machines
Vacuum-chamber Helium leak detection systems
Laser tube
Serpentine machines
Spiral bending machines
Tube bending machines
Tube bending machines
CNC machining centers
Vacuum-chamber Helium leak detection systems
Machines for flared ends working